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Textile designers think in color. We translate those ideas into short runs. Full Color Lab Not Just Lace has a Full Color Lab with special expertise in Color Matching. This expertise ensures that you will have the specialty run on time - your color preference without compromise


• Samples

• Lab Submits

• Quality Control

• Trouble Shooting

• All Blends / All Fabrics


Tricks Of The Trade Over-runs: There may be times when a client has an overage of fabric in a particular color. It may have been a large run. The fabric may be in a color that is unsuitable to the client's future needs. Save it. We can color those goods to your exact specifications, saving you time and money.


Intimate Apparel You can trust us in the bedroom. We became Not Just Lace because of our huge success in intimate apparel and specialty dyeing.


• Dyeing and finishing of all laces and trims

• Garment dyeing as well as piece dyeing

• Reliability and reasonable prices

• Quality, time and cost sensitive


Our Track Record We've Grown Up In The Textile Business.


Not Just Lace is an established Specialty Dye House focused on the needs of textile designers and serving a variety of people in the apparel industry. Not Just Lace means that our capabilities extend to a wide variety of fabrics, with color matching and fabric handling expertise that is reliable and right on target.

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